Welcome to IZZY Storage

Hi! Do you know IZZY Storage ? Now, in Indonesia we are the pioneer of Warehouse Marketplace, with the following concept of AirBnB. IZZY Storage are providing the professional Warehouse Management System (Live Inventory System) and the Multi places and Multi type of Storage. Let's find more about our service !

Our Mission

"Being a leading company in the field of Warehousing, by integrating the Warehouse Management System and automate flexibility. "

Our Vision

Rapid response capability
Our company will leading you to the fastest and professional service in the filed of warehousing. We are making the flexible response for those who need the solution of warehousing by improving our Warehouse Management System.
Cooperating social network
By integrating our service to all around the world, we are making the good connection of social network. IZZY Storage will have a large amount of integrated connection between all of the partnership.
Minimized variance cost of distribution
As a marketplace all around Indonesia, in every region based we would like to improve our service in profit of distribution.
Providing services all around Indonesia
We are cooperating with many partner in every region in Indonesia in the field of Logistics Company, which are warehousing and transportation.
Supporting cycle of product
The Warehouse Management System are helping the storing, packing and shipping in a flexible way and transparent service.