The Ease

From website to the android, we put the Warehouse Management System to the highest level of service. We make you to the simple way to do warehouse managing in everywhere and every time.

The Agreement

You can reach us in the registration form. We are not limiting the type of storage you have, it can be an apartment or also the houses. So don't take it too long! Register your space now!

The Benefits

We are providing the Warehousing Marketplace for local area in Indonesia. We are welcome for the Logistics Company who run their business in Warehouse to become our partner for Warehousing.

How Is The Flow

Completed Projects

IZZY Storage has done many project of E-commerce and many kind of materials. In Warehousing we already bring the modern integrated technology to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Man Power skilled. Now, with the android version, our WMS will be more easier to use in inbound and outbound with scanning process. We are mastering the managing of Warehouse and also the man power. Please check our details or contact us to our email.

About Us

What Are We Doing?

Multiplaces Storage
IZZY Storage is leading the new marketplace of Warehousing through all the city in Indonesia.
Flexible Storage
From only 1 CBM/Day we can offer the service to the customer.
Man Power Skilled
For those who are willing to be our partner and didn't have any man power, we can provide you the man power and give them training.

Partnership details, check the benefits!

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